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We know he lives on in spirit and in his legacy of great work. All true. All those words need to be said.

All of them are felt deeply by anyone who knew Tem personally, and by many who knew him only though his good works. Even if we did not have the joy of knowing him personally, every one of us in the community benefited from his kindness, wisdom, and competence in sustaining The Mountain Astrologer over all these years. Time flies. I had a couple of books in print with Bantam by then and I had begun to make a little splash in AstroWorld, so Tem knew who I was. At that point, I had never heard of him. If memory serves, he approached me about a possible interview for this crazy magazine he was trying to start.

He had rented a booth at the trade show to help promote it. I liked Tem right away, but his whole enterprise seemed impossibly dubious. He gave me the impression that his total start-up budget for The Mountain Astrologer might feed a family of four for a week or two, provided they really liked pizza. He would wait until Security turned its back, then he would duck behind the bunting at the end of the day.

And I also knew that with that kind of determination and chutzpah, The Mountain Astrologer was going to make it despite the odds and all reason. All reports are that the magazine will continue to be published despite the loss of Tem. With the current exponential expansion in public interest in astrology, I suspect it will thrive. If pride exists in the realms where Tem is now soaring, I am confident that he will be proud.

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In the past and in the mysterious future, Tem could naturally never have done any of this alone. Clifford, Ray Grasse, Janette DeProsse, Sara Fisk, Linda Byrd, Linda Ferencik, and Ann Meigs for their own hard work in the endless effort of cranking out such a high quality magazine — and never missing a publication date, despite hell, high water, and Pluto transits. There has always been much to love about The Mountain Astrologer. Evolutionary astrologers, Hellenists, Cosmobiologists, Uranian astrologers, Jyotish practitioners, Horary astrologers, astro-economists — all were welcome in the pages of TMA.

I salute his great soul for bringing that living example of inclusiveness, generosity, and respect for diversity to us all.

Perhaps more than any other figure in the landscape of current astrological practice, he embodied the notion of rising above our differences and affirming that we all live under one sky. But I also call it his challenge to us — a challenge to which we are still rising as a community. As synchronicity would have it, I am writing these words at the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies in Rhinebeck, New York, where I am currently teaching a five-day class.

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Omega is a dozen years older than The Mountain Astrologer, but it is cut from the same cloth. Like the magazine, it too is part of a quiet spiritual revolution that has transformed the world. They created a force of individual transformation that has endured — and will endure, just as The Mountain Astrologer will endure, long after the founders are gone. Standing back even further, Omega and Mountain Astrologer metamorphose into individual stars in a far larger cultural galaxy.

Conscious yoga, all the various emerging body-mind-spirit therapies, Buddhism coming to the west — they are all part of the same synchronistic wave. Atomic tests happened in the open air. The environment existed to be exploited, no questions asked. It is hard to convey the magnitude of the awakening that has happened in the past half-century.

My point is that, without Tem Tarriktar, this awakening would have been diminished. He played a part in it, and I salute him for that. I mean, I remember this guy when he was sleeping under a table, hiding from security. But over the years he has touched the lives of many thousands of people, myself included.

The Mountain Astrologer

He has offered countless human beings real hope and practical guidance in times of genuine personal darkness. No one could fully catalog his good works since most of them happened in total privacy — someone, perhaps someone on the edge of despair or worse, sat reading an article in TMA, and perhaps gaining life-saving perspective and some faith that there might just possibly be a future worth living.

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We can only surmise about these very private mysteries. But we know they are there.

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How could it be otherwise, given the quality of the magazine, its healing content, its many readers, and three decades of publication? Astrologically, Tem was Mr. Leo — a solar Leo with Leo rising and a Leo Moon.

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The Scorpio Arc and the Eclipse of November 13, Events occurring now have similarities with the last time the two planets opposed one another, from , and from This 4, word article revisits history, and provides some ideas on how the opposition may play out in world events, with a nod toward its potential in a natal chart. Observations range from noting that three hot button areas—Palestine, North Korea, and Pakistan all have natal charts with a planet in 00 Cardinal, to the involvement of two trans-Neptunian planets, Kronos and Hades, and their potential in the grand 00 cardinal cross this summer.

Posted April 5, This is significant in that transiting Pluto is approaching this degree axis.

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The trans-Neptunian Kronos—which refers to high government officials, high management, etc. The keyword phrase for this axis, in my opinion, is removal and rebellion. The rebel streak certainly seems evident in the research. The removal concept is also apparent in an unusual number of abductions, interventions and banishments connected to this degree.