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No charges will be taken for any kind of mantra. Due to all these problems, there is tension in your life and matters has reached to divorce then we will tell you astro remedies through which you can save your family life. With this lal kitab upay, your relation which has gone to divorce, you can bring charm back in this relation again and stop divorce. Upaya To Get Lost Boyfriend Girlfriend Back:- If you are facing such problems then on the day of Tuesday, take a bhojpatra which is easily available in pooja path shops.

And pour put this bhojpatra on honey bottle. After that, place this honey bottle in such a place where no one can touch it. He will start to give you respect and honor. Your relation will start to blossom again with new fragrance of love and care.


This is a highly tested and proved experiment. It never fails if done with full trust and under guidance of experts. This remedy is also beneficial for those women who want to stop divorce and also for girls whose boyfriend has left her. It is natural to fall in love but if true love does not convert into marriage then it gives a lot of pain and frustration. Life seems like a hell. Just Call us or email us for free consultation and remedies. If you are unable to do upayas, totkas or home remedies, then you can contact us. You can talk to the Guruji directly to the number mentioned for the consultation.

Kamdev Vashikaran Mantra For Boyfriend. In Indian scriptures, kamdev has been described as the god of love and beauty. That is why, the worship of lord kamdeva is considered very important in love matters. Many people do not able find their true love and many lose their hard earned love. So if you have lost your love then you can use shabar vashikaran mantra of kamdev.

Don't get angry or be involved in scheming against others. You should try and always be a student - keep learning throughout life. If your work is related to property, police, oil, or some other influential position, then always help poor laborers and take care of your place of worship.

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Time to time, you should donate jaggery, money, medicine, or red clothes. You should take a lot of sleep - at least 6 to 8hours.

Lal Kitab and its Remedies

Don't eat too much of rich food, drink a lot of water. You will achieve your goals if you have patience or your goal will not be reachable. Make use of copper in any form during the day.


Your colors are red and yellow. Try to avoid black.

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Whenever you are stuck in some difficulty, start doing Bhairov's mantra from "Krsihna paksh partipadaa". You need to develop a flexibility in your thought process. You will need to be spiritual, but you may have difficulty if you become too spiritual at a young age. On the other hand, you mustn't be too materialistic either. You should be balanced. Don't think too much about the future. Make sure you rest enough and get enough sleep.

Suitable colors are green, pink, and white. Stay away from red and instead donate it. Metal is silver. Make sure you never do anything to cause bad effects from Jupiter. Don't disrespect your teachers, do something for your teachers, place of worship. Doing so will ensure you get success. Keep 11 sea shells in your place of worship and worship it - put tilak on it.

Always have a guru so they can correctly channelize your excess energy, which if it overflows may cause loss to repute or work. Drink a lot of water.


Good colors for you are: yellow, blue, and green. Avoid black and red. Make use of copper in any form everyday.

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You should do it at least on Mondays and if you do it everyday for a year, then that would be great. When you feel like you're going through a problematic phase, eat some yoghurt with sugar or eat "khoya" with yoghurt if these suit you.

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  • Never be lazy and don't be too emotional. Worship your mother. White, red, and yellow are good colors for you. Avoid blue and green. Make use of Silver. Keep doing things to strengthen the Sun, Mars, and Jupiter. Do remedies for Mercury - don't speak bitter, don't lie, don't speak too fast, don't promise something you can't fulfill.

    Never have too much anger or too much ambition - be balanced. Being ambitious in everything will cause the Sun to give bad results. Do something for society. If you have too many difficulties, cut copper into 4 equal-weight and size pieces - keep one with you and bury the remaining into the ground. Wear saffron, orange, green. Stay away from black and blue colors. Use copper in some form in the day. Do remedies to make Mars stronger and keep Venus and Jupiter calm and happy. This will ensure your success. Donate Moong dal every Wednesday.

    Donate pearls if you can , milk, yoghurt and rice pudding. Stay away from greed and being too busy. Take care of your food and you won't get sick easily. Do chant of "om shanti". Yellow, white, and green are favorable colors for you.

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    Stay away from red, black, and blue. Use copper in any form each day. Do remedies to make Venus and Jupiter stronger and make Mars calm. Keep 11 sea-shells in your place of worship temple at home. Stay away from love at a young age - it can work as a curse for you. Don't be overly emotional.