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Taurus in Astrology

Today's Taurus Horoscope Share support and compromise, especially at work. Love 9 Communication 8 Work 8. Share support and compromise. Opposites attract. Your love grows stronger. You have more than expected. Expand your territory. Tomorrow's Taurus Horoscope Enjoy the company of friends and companions.

Taurus Horoscope | October 9th

Being polite's a virtue to be practiced. Friends are very helpful for the next two days.

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Check public opinion today and tomorrow. A balanced checkbook is only part of the story. Love grows by leaps and bounds. Your suspicions get confirmed.

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  • Giving a loved one your undivided attention possibly feels as good as gifting gold. It can be hard to offer even a dear one your full concentration with so many devices and media sources competing for your time. The muted Pisces Moon might not be able to pump up the volume enough for your beloveds to speak loudly. But the cosmic energy flows with enough compassion and empathy for you to crane your heart to listen carefully. Unplug and connect. See More from Tarot. Scroll to continue with content AD. More on Aol. As always, trust your intuition. You need to protect your heart, Aries.

    Wednesday, October 9

    For some, a throwback Thursday may be around the corner. You can pick up when you left off only if you're both willing to put in the work. If you feel like they're keeping something from you, they probably are. No hasty decisions, Taurus. Keep both your eyes and ears open. If you're the one keeping a secret, take a moment to examine the repercussions of your actions.

    Only you know when is the right time to bring things up.

    Responsibilities could start to feel burdensome. Remember, there are two people in every relationship. Don't shy away from asking for the support you need at this moment.

    If you feel they're lying or keeping something from you, they probably are. Don't second guess yourself, Gemini.

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    Your intuition stronger than you give her credit for. Just be sure not to act until you have all the facts in hand. As always, the cards are reminding you of the importance of focusing on yourself and nurturing your garden.


    Is there an adventure you want to set off on? Give yourself permission to, irrespective of your relationship status. Actions not words, Cancer. This will give you a sense of who your real people are - a fact you seem to forget ever so often. Be cognizant of the those who are showing up for you. Make space for them in your existence. As for those who disrespect you or your boundaries, there's not much you can do about them.

    What you do have power over is how much you let their words affect you. Find the light in every situation. Resolve to stay space or Zen. You are evolving, Leo. So are your relationships. Take a moment to reflect on your past patterns.

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    • The intention is not to get hung up on your past but see how and where you need to act with awareness. This will help you make space for a greater degree of harmony in your existence. A throwback Thursday moment may be on the cards for some.