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The Aries zodiac sign is a big part of my life.

Not only because I am an Aries myself, but also because I married a fellow Aries and am completely gaga for my Aries guy. Us Aries are great. Nothing stands in our way. My husband and I prove this every day by looking our challenges and society in the metaphorical eye and giving them both the finger.

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We do everything the way we want to do it, never the way society, our families, or the world wants us to. We do this because we refuse to live any other way but honestly how very Aries-like of us. Out of all of the zodiac signs, I think I was born the right one. The proof perhaps being that I was born four weeks earlier than my initial due date — I was meant to be an Aries, not a Taurus.

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Aries are probably the MOST honest out of all of the zodiac signs. The Aries is so honest that their honestly tends to get to the point of brutality. Being so honest is a rarity that makes the Aries one of a kind and valued beyond others for this aspect of their personality.

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The Aries passionate nature has a downside in the way of an incredibly short fuse. It might get heated. Survival Tip: Be sure to avoid hot-button topics with an Aries unless you want to hear an aggravated ear full.

Aries Facts

The Aries ability to be optimistic, enthusiastic and determined despite any challenges they face make them a very inspiring zodiac sign. They tend to radiate confidence that other people want to mirror back at them. They are always inspiring one person or another by their refusal to give up, no matter how hard the challenge. As you would expect, they have sizzling personalities. Being a fire sign always indicates a woman who is creative in unique ways.

When influenced by the fire element, spontaneity is infused into their persona. Their zest for life is limitless; their quest for fun never-ending. Characteristics Women ruled by the sign of Aries possess an impeccable sense of style. Yet, despite all this elegance, they remain children at heart. This openness often leads to disappointment, but the Aries woman quickly bounces back.

This planet is her magic place, and she makes the most of her time on it. On the other hand, they dislike restrictions of any kind, and a possessive relationship will end up going nowhere. She sees nothing wrong in that. For one thing, the spouse should know how to keep a little mystery in reserve. He must remember his woman always comes first. Before calling it quits, however, she will make every effort to hold the marriage together. If the passion cools and the excitement becomes nonexistent, she will throw in the towel.

Money The Aries woman loves to spend. If she sees it and loves it, she buys it. Career Regardless of her career, Aries must feel good about her position and how it fits into her life. Aries women are natural super-achievers. Friends Aries women make friends easily, and most of their relationships are friendly without being totally committed. Aries is too busy living life to devote huge chunks of time to others. She has two or three close friends who are spontaneous and adaptable.

An Aries Male Can Be Aggressive

Health The typical Aries woman has the physical stamina of a long-distance runner. Generally healthy, these robust subjects have been known to stave off the flu through sheer willpower. Arians are simply too busy to be sick.


As impervious as they may seem to harm, the same cannot be said for their emotions. Home Since the Aries woman is always out and about enjoying a multitude of different activities, her home is not as important to her as it is to other zodiac signs. However, she is fully aware that her home is an extension of herself; therefore she must be satisfied with the way things look before she heads out the door looking for excitement.

The Personality of an Aries, Explained

Compatibility Aries — Aries This is an okay match, but not the best. In some cases it is quite harmonious, but putting two headstrong, fiery personalities together is chancy. Aries — Taurus This is a match between two totally different personalities. Aries loves excitement; Taurus prefers comfort this could get boring fast. Aries — Gemini Because Gemini loves action and adventure, this could be one of the best matches. The chemistry between these two thrill-seekers should be hot. Aries — Cancer This combination is hard to call. This pairing could prove to be a thorny arrangement.