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The respondents, more than 1, U. We don't blame them: We wouldn't love being told we're impatient and tend to over-promise and under-deliver, either.

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If you ask us, this is a classic example of combative and confrontational fire signs finding something to argue about, while the more stable, even-keeled earth signs look for the points they can agree with. For the record, these descriptions only consisted of a set of strengths and a set of weaknesses for each sign, and just sun signs at that.

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It's pretty normal if you don't see your whole self reflected in your sun sign — that's what your birth chart is for. Below, we've listed the sign descriptions used in the survey. Let us know if you agree with your sign's profile in the comments. Aries Strengths: courageous, determined, confident, enthusiastic, optimistic, honest, passionate Weaknesses: impatient, moody, short-tempered, impulsive, aggressive. Taurus Strengths: reliable, patient, practical, devoted, responsible, stable Weaknesses: stubborn, possessive, uncompromising. Gemini Strengths: gentle, affectionate, curious, adaptable, ability to learn quickly and exchange ideas Weaknesses: nervous, inconsistent, indecisive.

Cancer Strengths: tenacious, highly imaginative, loyal, emotional, sympathetic, persuasive Weaknesses: moody, pessimistic, suspicious, manipulative, insecure. Leo Strengths: creative, passionate, generous, warm-hearted, cheerful, humorous Weaknesses: arrogant, stubborn, self-centered, lazy, inflexible.

Gemini Symbol, Quality, Element and Planet

Virgo Strengths: loyal, analytical, kind, hardworking, practical Weaknesses: shyness, worry, overly critical of self and others, all work and no play. Libra Strengths: cooperative, diplomatic, gracious, fair-minded, social Weaknesses: indecisive, avoids confrontations, will carry a grudge, self-pity.

Scorpio Strengths: resourceful, brave, passionate, stubborn, a true friend Weaknesses: distrusting, jealous, secretive, violent. Sagittarius Strengths: generous, idealistic, great sense of humor Weaknesses: promises more than can deliver, very impatient, will say anything no matter how undiplomatic.

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Capricorn Strengths: responsible, disciplined, self-control, good managers Weaknesses: know-it-all, unforgiving, condescending, expecting the worst. Aquarius Strengths: Progressive, original, independent, humanitarian Weaknesses: Runs from emotional expression, temperamental, uncompromising, aloof. Pisces Strengths: Compassionate, artistic, intuitive, gentle, wise, musical Weaknesses: Fearful, overly trusting, sad, desire to escape reality, can be a victim or a martyr. On October 8th, Venus will enter Scorpio.

Zodiac Signs as Vines - Gemini Edition

I mean, one way to throw off an enemy is to give them a gift based on their sign, right? It sounds like a great plan to me, frankly. IDK if this is a Gemini trait, but I love a good themed gift.

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Gemini is symbolized by the twins, so a lot of these Gemini gifts feature different variations of the symbol. Others feature the Gemini constellation , which, in my opinion, is a really pretty and subtle way to represent the sign. From banners, stickers and candles to jewelry, clothing and art prints, there are myriad Gemini-themed gifts just waiting for you to give them to a worthy Gemini.

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I rounded up 29 of the best and cutest Gemini gifts for you to shop right now before Gemini season ends. So give your favorite Gemini me?! Good karma is good karma, am I right? Please note that if you purchase something by clicking on a link within this story, we may receive a small commission of the sale.