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Making something following a pattern is not the same as pulling an idea out of your head to create something never seen before. I think fundamental creativity is the latter. Following a pattern is following, and following is not creative. I think Mercury-Mars aspects are not fundamentally creative, but are instead productive.

Most great artists in any field are productive. More practice makes them more technically proficient, and more output means there's more chance a something truly new and compelling will be produced out of that technique.

Astrology and Creativity Part I: Planets in “Creative” Houses

I see Neptune as the source of fundamental creativity. Creative people get ideas, fantasies. Some of them make those ideas real. It's the ideas that come from creativity, not the finished objects.

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But I wasn't talking only about the stream of ideas but about the powerful engagement of all the synapses. What I most specifically am trying to do is to distinguish creativity from any esthetic elements in the charts. Astrology books start to go to Venus, maybe Neptune, for "art" etc. Esthetic elements are expressive of the form one person's creativity might take, but they aren't the artistry itself.

The Sun in Astrology, The Zodiac

I'm looking at the emergence of something original, either in itself or in the way element are combined - something bold and striking outside of conventional execution. One might think this would involve the biological planets, because I think the same energy that executes this is the one that physically procreates; but angular Moon or strong Venus-Mars aspects for example don't stand out in collections of artistic professionals. You gave me the idea to actually check a dictionary - dictionary. Drawing a picture or driving my car.

I think what Danica said about the etymology of the word create and its Plutonian nature is the source and the other planets fill in the details of how that person expresses thier own creative flair. Everyones mother hangs up thier childs handiwork on the fridge and wether that creation is a string of elbow macaroni or the Mona Lisa she knows the person is latently creative in thier own way because it came from creation itself.

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If I were to generate a painting of a bird on a flowering branch, that might be artistic, but it's certainly not creative! Well, that explains it. But no. They are not at all the same thing. There's nothing creative about having a baby. Sex is not new, even in the most basic way. It's part of the male instinct that every woman is different, but women don't have the same instinct, although they are just as creative. Creativity comes out of your mind.

The BEST & WORST Aspects in RELATIONSHIP ASTROLOGY! With AstroDee & Heather!

Psychologists are fond of saying sex happens in your head, but that's only if you have trouble with it. It's a physiological reaction from your body. Creativity isn't.

ETA: Neither sex nor creativity are religious experiences either. Its effect on other planets is as follows:. Neptune Aspecting the Sun : Both the harmonious and stressful aspects tend to increase the imagination. The stressful aspects tend to bring out the more negative side of Neptune. If you have that, then you have to be careful of substance abuse.

You also have to be very careful of having your sympathies played upon because you are a sucker for a hard luck story. The men in your life are inclined to be irresponsible. Watch out for the "Savior-Savee" syndrome.

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You know. Either you are always trying to "save" people, or you get yourself into situations where they have to "save" you again and again and again. Any aspect between these two means that it will be good for you to do some sort of charitable activity to keep the Neptune happy.

Neptune Aspecting the Moon : The Moon shows our emotions and emotional needs. When it is aspected by Neptune, the need is for imagination and escape. Excessive day-dreaming is a danger, but this can also be a very creative trait.

The Fifth House of Astrology: Creativity, Children and Love Affairs

The harmonious aspects mean that people always seem be doing things for you. The stressful aspects tend to attract spacey women into your life, starting with the mother. Be careful about attracting women "friends" who always seem to drain you emotionally with their never-ending "problems", most of which are self-caused. Neptune Aspecting Mercury: Gives a really good imagination, with both the stressful and harmonious aspects. Neptune Aspecting Venus: Increases the artistic sensibilities.

Both the harmonious and stressful aspects have a tendency to see what they want to see in the romantic area.

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Since no one can possibly live up to the perfect ideal that these folks have of what love should be like, people with Venus aspecting Neptune frequently masturbate a lot. Neptune Aspecting Mars : Can increase "charisma". Napoleon had the conjunction. So does Bill Clinton. People will obey you without knowing exactly why.